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Der Sabbath (Samstag) und die 10 Gebote sind sehr wichtig für den Gott des Alten Testaments YHWH. Diese 10 Gebote haben bis heute volle Gültigkeit..  Fuer Gott gilt weiterhin der Sabbath (Samstag) und nicht der Vatikan-Illuminati-Sonntag.
The Sabbath (Saturday) and the 10 Commandments are very relevant. This world belongs to YHWH and to Him is the dedication of the Sabbath / Saturday.

The Vatican and the Jesuits are not following the Word of God [10 Commandments / Holy Bible / Holy Torah] obviously!! Please note that I do have nothing to do with them and I am not sure about their faith.


Warning: This website is being hacked, infiltrated and switched off occasionally. Please apologise but when you dare to speak the truth on this planet you sometimes do not have too many friends.. Please apologise also the average quality of this website, but it is merely a hobby of mine and I cannot spend more time on it..  
And if you have a problem with this or that on my website, then just contact me and we can discuss..

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Updates as of Feb. 2014

Stuttgart 21 and the infiltrated German preparation for World War III on the side of illuminati Vatican company USA Corp.
Stuttgart 21 und die unterwanderte deutsche Vorbereitung fuer den dritten Weltkrieg auf der Seite der kriminellen und hinterlistigen Vatikan-Firma USA


The main purpose of the new Stuttgart 21 underground railway station:
Secret underground movement of military tanks and personnel from Stuttgart production facilities such as Daimler-Benz (formerly Daimler-Chrysler), MAN (Trucks /Heavy machinery), Zollern-Werke (this steel production facilities are still in the private hands of the Hohenzollern-Prussia illuminati anti-German 'royal' families), from and to the international Stuttgart airport and then to national & international train connections. Evil and deceitful USA Corp. and UK will then also be easily able to secretly transport military personnel and military tanks to and from Germany. Right now 100 US military tanks have already been brought to Germany in January 2014. In order to blind the German people they have been colored in the same colors like the German Bundeswehr (who also happens to be illegal since 1990 as is our Bundes-Administration illegal since 1990. See more articles on that further below). For supporting links with regard to the military train station suggestion click here and here.
Most of the German population was AGAINST this great waste of money, however the illegal BRD-government has pursued in it's war plans on behalf of the Allies and has used heavy police to brutally hit down the German protesters (see picture on top far right).
The German police is no more the German police but it has turned into the 4th Reich Nazi-USA-Vatican police force to defend the Beast and the system of the Antichrist! To defend it with all force, smartness and brutality.

Der wahre Grund fuer Stuttgart 21:
Vorbereitungen fuer den dritten Weltkieg zum schnellen Transport von "Alliierten" illegalen und boesen Militaers auf deutschem Boden ohne das es die deutsche und weltweite friedliche Bevoelkerung gross mitbekommt. Sicherlich auch zur Abwehr gegen Russland.
Hauptvorteile des teilweise geheimen unterirdischen ICE- und Schnellzugbahnhofs: Schnelle Truppenbewegung und Transport von Militaerfahrzeugen, Panzern und grosserem Kriegsgeraet von den Produktionsstaetten wie z.B. Daimler-Benz (ehem. Daimler-Chrysler), MAN (Trucks/Schwerfahrzeuge), Zollern-Werke (Stahlproduktion, immer noch in der Hand der illuminati anti-deutschen Hohenzollern-Preussischen 'koeniglichen Familien'), internationaler Flughafen sowie nationale und internationel Zugverbindungen.
Die deutsche Polizei ist nicht mehr die deutsche Polizei. Sie ist mittlerweile die Polizei des Antichrist, des Biestsystems des Vatikans und sie arbeitet mit aller List und Intelligenz gegen die deutsche Bevoelkerung, und zwar nicht nur beim Projekt Stuttgart 21 sondern auch auf vielen anderen Ebenen und Bereichen ebenfalls. Unterstuetzende Links bitte hier und hier klicken.

Основная цель новой Штутгарт 21 подземной железнодорожной станции :
Секрет подпольное движение военных танков и персонала из Штутгарт производственных объектов , таких как Daimler-Benz (ранее Daimler- Chrysler ) , MAN ( Грузовики / Тяжелая техника ) , Zollern -Werke ( это стальные производственные мощности все еще находятся в частных рукахГогенцоллерн - Пруссия иллюминатов анти- немецкие «королевский» семьи ), от и до международного аэропорта Штутгарта , а затем к национальным и международным железнодорожным сообщением . Зло и лживый США корпорации и Великобритании , потом также легко смогли тайно перевозить военнослужащих и военных танков и из Германии . Сейчас 100 американских военных танков уже принес в Германию в январе 2014 года . Для того, чтобы ослепить немецкий народ они были окрашены в те же цвета, как немецкого бундесвера ( который также, случается быть незаконным с 1990 года , как наша Bundes - Администрация незаконным с 1990 года. См. больше статей о том, что ниже ) . Для поддержки связи с связи с военной предложению станции железнодорожного пожалуйста , нажмите на ссылку в немецком или английском tranlsation выше и ниже этой русской версии.

Большая часть немецкого населения было против этого великого трата денег , однако незаконная BRD- правительство преследовало в это планы войны от имени союзников и использовал тяжелые полиции жестоко ударил вниз Немецкие протестанты ( см. рисунок на верхней крайний справа) .
Немецкая полиция не более немецкая полиция , но она превратилась в 4-м рейха нацистами США- Ватикан полиции , чтобы защитить зверя и систему Антихриста ! Чтобы защитить его со всей силой , ловкостью и жестокости.

The German history always repeats itself. The German NAZIs are always the same...  Die deutsche Geschichte wiederhol sich immer wieder. Die deutschen Nazis sind und bleiben immer das gleiche..

Prince Charles organising for himself the Pakistani nuclear bombs via his evil Saudi friends (Thursday, 20. February 2014)..:
I am not sleeping Charles. I read and research a lot about your and your family's criminal activities all the time.

Top secret: The biblical Antichrist/Dajjal Prince Charles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last week (20. February 2014, see newspaper article above from the Ostthueringer Zeitung / East Thuringia newspaper) brokering a nuclear deal with the evil antichrist Saudi royal family and their network, so that the evil Saudis will get the nuclear bombs from Pakistan for evil Charles. The evil Charles is the Antichrist that is been talked about in the holy Bible. Please wake up what is going on here. And if you do not believe me, feel free to contact me and I will send you the documents and some more information and maybe also photos..

Updates as of Jan. 2014

Healing an restoring the planet earth

According to "Little Grandmother" Keisha Crowther Fukushima is continuing to cause gigantic amounts of radiation and pullution inside of Japan but this radiation has been spreading throughout the planet ever since. I am a bit helpless what to do, but she might have the right solutions. Please watch the following video of her:

Israeli Zionists were behind this Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion ->a hidden, tiny Israeli nuclear bomb had been sold within a Japanese security camera to the Japanase years ago and was then detonated while at the same time using an artificially created earthquake to make it look like a desaster.. This is the story, and now we have the big mess, as mentioned above.
Fortunately the Japanese government knows the truth, but now it is a bit too late and the radiation continues to spread.


War and terror from terror organizations such as the police-state "British empire", "Nato", "Isaf", "USA", "BRD", "City of London", "Vatican", etc. make the daily news appear dark and unpleasant these days..
Their leaders have been at war with God and His people on this planet, fully aware of their evil and brutal intentions of a failed take-over of this planet. I therefore recommend all and everybody to stop working with above organizations or at least reduce the work relationship to a minimum..

God is currently bringing us good weather so that mankind wakes up and that we realize that the weather and everything is not in the hand of us humans, nor in the hand of "nature" or of the "universe", but no, all is in the hands and comes from Almighty God!..

On the right hand side is a picture that shows how everything should actually have turned out to be. Maybe you can see the difference and contrast..
And please note, there are also vampire-, reptilian- and dragon-human beings who distance themselves from the war-like things on the left side and who dream of having a paradise-like scenario as shown on the right side. I have talked to some of them and they have confirmed this to me.

British troops are again in the focus with regard to abuse and war crimes in Irak!!
This comes as no wonder to me, for the whole United Kingdom and British Empire (as well as the evil and illegal BRD here in Germany or the illegal EU.. so please, do not think that I, as a German, do always only oppose the evil "Allies"..) are a crime themselves.

PS: You cannot reach the scenario B via the scenario A, but you have to reach it via an inner process of making peace with mankind around you from within. Then you will find yourself automatically in B (but nowadays much destroyed and turned upside down) without having to do anything at all..

  A           B
Various picture sources. Left: Staatliche Selbstverwaltungen, center: Britische Truppen im irakischen Basra. © dpa / Mod Cpl Steve Follows/Archivbild vom 03.09.2007, Right: Anastasia©


France is just cheating the world and few are taking notice of it..!!

France, being part of the axis of evil, is getting more powerful every day, yet it is just an agrarian nation. So, how is that all possible that tiny France has become more powerful than long established and highly industrialist Germany??
Well, France and the French empire is just stealing and lying and sucking the German blood via their evil Vatican-, royal-, Swiss-, and their UK-monarchy connection!!..

This is all very sad for me.. The "French" have simply turned into a bad nightmare movie. This is how I look at them. They are the purple beast inpersonated and they are not only the instrument of the Vatican but they have become evil themselves..  Why am I always bringing into context the Vatican? Well, because France has always been part of the Vatican's holy empire. The Vatican has it's connection to the city of Avignon (historically Avignon has always been the Popes' place of refuge) and the President of France happens to be a "prince" of the holy vatican roman empire.. France is full of vampires - on the highest levels (and they happen to work with all the other vampires worldwide such as with the late vampire Dr. von Habsburg or currently with vampire Mr. Van Rompuy from the EU "management"- as you can see on the photo on the right hand side).

Updates as of 6th October 2013:
Vampire alert:

Please visit the link if you still do not believe me. Facebook has continually been blocking me, for Mark Zuckerberg and his facebook crew have evil plans in mind for this world. Zuckerberg is just one of the many (sometimes good, sometimes evil) vampires that do plague our planet right now. Of course, they do not mention this on their facebook sites but I was unable to send messages via my profile for more than half a year by now. In fact, Zuckerberg is such a criminal, he even stole the idea of Facebook from some twin brothers that he went to school with, if I remember correctly. Zuckerberg is a vampire offspring. You can see at his teeths (3rd from front top, on both sides). More on vampires, please scroll further down on my website.

Africa's situation worsening all over the place:
American and European emperialism have constantly been growing in Africa under the leaderships of criminals George Bush I and II, evil New World Order agents Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan as well as now under Obama. There is no improvements anymore in sight but a continued worsening of the overall situation. African voices clearly state this. Please read it for yourself her from this independent African think tank. So, this is not even my own opinion, but it is just my observance as well.

War and military is business & money making - nothing else. This is what it is.. Peaceful, loving people would not even dress themselves in military uniforms. On the first view this might look cool, but it is dead serious and no fun at all when you observe the evil criminal militaries' (mostly mercenaries) works and results from the distance. In this photo a white westerner is deceiving some uneducated black men.. Both white and black are wrong in the sense that they think that war and military is needed, where in fact it has always been the wrong approach. Both probably do it just for the sake of money and for their interest in and hunger for power an fame. But they will harvest nothing but death and destruction. The death and total destruction of their very own families. Wait and see!..

Since the entire western world and their illegal governments, the illegal EU, illegal Nato, illegal USA Corp on behalf of antichrist UK and antichrist Vatican are all part of the NWO agenda, Africa has to rip itself away from the western colonial powers step by step, as has been successfully done by the entire continent of South America and as is the case of much of Asia as well as much of the middle east.

Bomb blasts throughout the muslim world:
Since quite a great deal within the so called western world, as further outlined throughout this website, does not really believe in God nor in me, the muslim world has to understand and learn how to deal with this true atheist problem, instead of continuing to let themselves be blown up on a constant basis by elements that have received funding for their terror acts by CIA, Mi5/Mi6, German BKA/BND and Mossad agents. If you analyse this closely you will come to the same conclusions like me. These secret service networks are the origin or all terrorism and they actually then financed and implemented groups like Al Quaeda. It is not the Muslim world who brought this up, no it is illegal Israel, the evil UK, the evil United Nations organization, the evil USA government as well as the illegal occupation administration in Germany together with all their secret services and other collaborators throughout the world.

All the bomb blasts actually just directly plays into the hand of these New World Order masters who have definitively been rejecting a paradise-like world as God had in mind for all of us on this planet. That is why they continue to fund these atrocities all over the world, like now once again in Pakistan or last week in Nairobi, Kenyia. Many of them are all staged, false flag terror attacks to make us earth humans feel more afraid so that we continue to seek help and protection from these criminal puppet masters.

Click on the picture above in order to read from Afghanistan's independent women movment directly (Sept./Oct. 2013)..

It therefore comes as no wonder that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations have long been regarding the NATO-, ISAF- and US militaries in their nations as pure self-centered invaders who are not really in their nations to bring peace (which they did not at no single moment in time - but they just brought more corruption, killing and murder),  but they have been looking at them as strategic colonialists, stragetic globalists who are there to make money, to kill humans (what they call as enemies, often also civilians) and to the lay the fundaments for their New World Order that they impose on the world. Many are crying out that they have enough of the Nato- and US foreign imposed policies upon their nations as you can read here in this article as well as in the independent one here. Even the rather corrupt and evil President of Afghanistan himself, Hamid Karzai, has finally taken this stand himself, too..

29 September 2013: A man carried a wounded child away from the site of a car bomb explosion
that killed at least 38 people Sunday. It was the third major attack in a week in Peshawar.

For the picture source, the New York Times, with full text please click here.

Do not take the micro-chip / Mark of the Beast:
ObamaCare: Mandatory Microchip Implant for all Americans!!!  - Oct 2013 -

The distribution and injection of the microchip has apparently already begun in USA-occupied America since at least half a year by now, as I just learnt yesterday in the news.
It is a mark of the beast and I would not take it, if I were you. God will punish you for that, for sure. The mark of the beast (in various forms) has been foretold in the holy Bible, as you might be able to remember..

One more article about the suffering Muslim nation of Afganistan:
Afghanistan:  Here - the good, the real pro-democracy and pro-Republic fighters are all long dead and the situation has now additionally enormously worsened due to Western "intervention" (western colonialism/imperialism)..

First humiliated by Russia, then heavily attacked and invaded by Nazi US- and Nazi-Nato-Isaf-European forces.. And still this suffering nation of Afghanistan has not gotten fully understood by the rest of the world. Please read the following life story of the pro-democracy fighter Ahmed Shah Masood here on wikipedia. I was told that even some Asian forces have long been in joint operations there with the Western invaders. You might ask yourself like I do, why and what the heck do these cruel, evil foreign nation' mercenaries acutally have to do in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan or Africa all the time..??!!?? These nations are not their business at all, and just because these predominently criminal white races (together with their corrupt, illegal leaders, that make us believe to be our "governments" - which they have actually never really been, for we all did not elect them!..) cannot sort out their family', personal' and political issues at home, this is why they have to molest and beat up others. This conincides exactly with the information that we get from the truth channels such as Wikileaks, Julian Assange and from many others who finally also managed to make available these information for the broader masses..

Germany & the EU / Deutschland und die EU:

Jemanden dem ich für sein Verständnis für die uns eigentlich zustehende Freiheit an dieser Stelle Recht geben möchte ist Peter Frühwald und die Idee der staatlichen Selbstverwaltung! Er war Mitgründer der
Republik Freies Deutschland (wo ich Buerger und Mitglied bin), hat aber nach groesseren Meinunsverschiedenheiten einen Neustart mit Freies Deutschland gemacht.
Sombody whose ideas I like very much is Peter Frühwald who has declared his independence from our somehow "illegal" BRD-German government. We still have no real Constitution. The 4-2 treaty is not really fulfilled. We are therefore for example unable to make peace treaties with other nations worldwide. We are not really free. If that all was not enough, the European Union was then also set into place without that we freedom-loving people in Germany were asked. We had no referendum and it is therefore also somehow not legitimate.
Furthermore, the ongoing accumulation of debt of most nations (including BRD-Germany) has turned crazy. The bankers worldwide are happy about this, of course, and most of us are now indebted to them..

Link zu unserem Republik Freies Deutschland / Link to our Free Republic Germany:
Link zu uns: www.republik-freies-deutschland.org
Right side: Light blue picture: UN registration and participation. Our UN-ISO-country code is: 279
Far right: light brown picture: Gruendnungsurkunde / foundation certificate of our Free Republic Germany State
Bilder zum vergroessern bitte anklicken. Click to enlarge the above documents

Die Europäische Union in der jetzigen Form wurde in der Bibel prophezeiht. Es ist ein atheistisches antichristliches System, das von vielen Priestern und Leuten aller Art beschworen wird.
The European Union in the present form has been prophecised in the Bible as the atheist beast system! Most of the preachers and people like it.
Click here for one of many Bible references supporting my claim above regarding the evil, very much ungodly and un-european EU

My dream and the dream of quite many Germans for Germany would be to have our full independence and souvereignity back, have the Deutsch-Mark currency again, a break-away from the bad / enslaving European Union and maybe a sligthly revised, new flag symbolising a new beginning.
Mein Traum und der Traum vieler anderer Deutscher wäre ein freies, unabhängiges Deutschland, die Wiedereinführung der D-Mark, die Lossagung von der versklavenden EU, sowie eine neue Flagge, die einen Neuanfang unterstreicht.

The German governments and their supporters have continually been sabotaging and undermining my dream for liberty, for a proper statehood, and for a distancing from Bible prophecy.
Die deutschen Regierungen und deren Unterstützer haben meinen Traum nach Freiheit, einem ordentlichen Rechtsstaat sowie nach einer Distanzierung von Bibelprophezeihung kontinuierlich sabotiert.
Meine kürliche Kommunikation mit dem Finanzministerium der BRD-in-Deutschland (3.4.2013). Hier klicken. Entscheiden Sie für sich selbst.
My recent conversation with the Ministry of Finance, BRD-in-Germany (3.4.2013). Click here and decide for yourself.

 Peter Frühwald zieht Konsequenzen auf seine Art, andere, wie z.B. Prof. Dr. Schachtschneider, haben es lange über den formalen "rechtlichen" Weg versucht, sind aber nicht richtig weitergekommen. Das ganze BRD- und EU-Projekt ist einfach unter vielen Gesichtspunkten nicht rechtmässig und wir sollten eine Volksbefragung bei uns durchführen, um herauszufinden, wie es weiter gehen soll.. An erster Priorität sollte die Erschaffung einer richtigen Verfassung (wie es Artikel 146 GG fordert), sowie das Abschliessen von Friedensverträgen mit anderen mit uns im Krieg (bzw. Waffenstillstand) stehenden Nationen weltweit sein.
Ebenfalls sollte sofort mit der andauernden Schuldenpolitik gestoppt werden. Die ausländischen Banker freuen sich nur über diese Entwicklung..
Der folgende Artikel ist eine einfach lesbare, gute Zusammenfassung der realen Situation unseres BRD-Deutschland, das mittlerweile fast alle Eigenkontrolle an die EU abgegeben hat.
Weitere interessante Personen findet man meiner Meinung nach z.B. bei den vom "Deutschlandprojekt" aufgelisteten "Freidenkern". Auch finde ich die Idee von Ökodörfern weltweit sehr gut. Soll jeder doch auf seine Art und Weise frei_und glücklich sein. Aber bitte nicht so wie jetzt, daß man sich finanz-, steuertechnisch, politisch und in vielerlei anderen Dingen oft irgendwie ignoriert or gar unterdrückt und hintergangen fühlt..

April / May / June 2013: Flooding in Germany / Flut bzw. Überschwemmungen in Deutschland..
Ob die Deutschen jemals aufwachen und erkennen, dass es einen echten Gott im Himmel gibt.. / ..whether the Germans ever wake up and realize that there is a God in heaven.. ?!

Als die Flut in Pakistan vor 2 Jahren stattgefunden hat, da wurde dies gerade ein oder zwei Tage in den Nachrichten gebracht. Und die BRD hat fast nicht geholfen.. Aber wenn bei uns dann das gleiche passiert, da jammert jeder..  Wer über andere lacht bzw. das Schicksal anderer ignoriert, der wird bald selbst heimgeholt.. Dies waren meine ersten Gedanken vor einigen Tagen (6.Juni 2013) als die ersten Bäche übergetreten waren..
When the great flood happened in Pakistan approx. 2 years ago, it was only mentioned in Germany for 1 or 2 days. And hardly any government abroad helped the Pakistanis. Mostly the private help organizations, they donated and helped in big dimensions.. So, now the very destiny also hit Gemany and those who always disliked the Muslims and the Pakistanis..

Apropos Flut. Da wären wir wieder direkt bei unserem Gott.. / Speaking about the floodings, we are directly with the Bible and God again..

The network of the Antichrist and their so called anti-terror mechanisms
19. August 2013:

As can be seen and felt by everybody now with regard to the Edward Snowden document releases, it is the evil, deceitful British secret services and their agents abroad (CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, BKA in BRD-occupied Germany, Mossad Israel, the Vatican-network, the Spanish Monarchy and their evil masonic network, etc.) that is doing all in their powers to prevent further dark information about them coming out.

Dark information such as the murder of Princess Diana and her Muslim boyfriend Dodi Fayed by the British secret services (Scotland Yard, MI5, MI6, GCHQ, etc.) on behalf of antichristian people prince Charles, prince William (definitively a vampire), prince Harry, prince Philip and queen Elisabeth II.

This evil and deceitful network has tried to enslave the entire world via their masonic hierarchies and mechanisms of divide, conquer, deceit and rule. The British "royal" (rather criminal and evil, than anything that has to do with "royal") family is on the top of this masonic network, together with their peer "royals" througout Europe and elsewhere.

Half of the world once was under draconic British rule. Thanks God this has been breaking together already over the past century and it will soon find it's final end all together.

Did you for example know that the current Spanish king Carlos has been the self declared king of Jerusalem? This criminal network has tried to enslave and steal the entire world of God from within, so to speak!..

And then, when one tries to attack or accuse them, then they call you a so called "terrorist", where in fact, they themselves are the true terrorists and mass murders! They run the chemical factories abroad, in order to have the world population get lung cancers and many other illnesses, they do the killings, and they then accuse the world of being bad. It is just the other way round.
And to make sure that nobody can harm them, they then just enforce their antiterrorism acts and antiterrorism laws where they can put you behind bars without even having the chance of speaking in front of a judge and getting a fair trial (various examples in this regard further below)..

It is this criminal network that has prevented the British Guardian newspaper among many other newspapers from releasing honest information from the Edward Snowden documents (as of August 2013).  It is the British monarchy that has been instrumenting and giving orders to the CIA, FBI and other agents abroad with regard to the elimination of truth, so that the general public will never know the truth..

It is this Antichrist network that was behind 9/11, behind Fukushima and behind the illegal BRD-occupation of Germany, etc.

It is also them, in particular the British un-royal family who made sure that my unborn child got murdered (it was certainly no car accident that my ex-wife Nau had to experience, but a well planned murder - as in the case with princess Diana), and in the same frame indirectly also destroyed my marriage and made my time in Australia (2005-2010) a very difficult one.

For all of their crimes, these murders and criminals need to be punished asap with death sentences. Each one of them..

More detailed information on this topic can be found throughout this entire website of mine.

The true reason why Jesus Christ died on the CROSS two thousand years ago:
--> To warn humanity of the approaching planet of the CROSSING (also often called "Nibiru", "planet X",  "Wormwood", etc.) shortly before the End of Time!!!

Estimated arrival time: (August ?) 2013 - 2020.. The internet is now full of confirmative information in this regard..  The earth changes, floods, etc. can be felt daily now..  Nibiru was actually discovered by NASA infrared satellite in 1983/84 and at that time it was in the newspapers.. But these days few people do talk about it, as if it was a "conspiracy"...

See for example the following videos on youtube:
a) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5rRpUsk8hY
b) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H6erhp6L4U

.. ".. As in the days of Noah, so will it be in these last days"..

Several friends of mine have told me that Nibiru is currently (as of 18. August 2013) behind our shining sun. With a precise night camera pieces of this black sun Nibiru can somehow be spotteted in the evening behind the white sun. I am not sure, but this is all the information that I have.

Holocaust at the Muslim population worldwide
The greatest Holocaust of all times is happening right now in front of our eyes and most ignore it and few talk about it.
It is the continuing holocaust at the Muslim population worldwide. Most of the TV stations do not report at all, and in case that they do, then it is not enough with regard to what is truely happening..
Die bösartigen Medien schweigen wie gewohnt so gut es eben geht über den grössten, derzeit stattfindenden Holocaust aller Zeiten. Und zwar handelt es sich dabei um den Holocaust an der muslimischen Weltbevoelkerung.

All muslim nations are in big trouble and turmoil. Beginning from poor nations such as Bangladesh, the minority Rohingya Muslims in Burma (continuous massacres by the evil, illegal terrorist Burmese military dictatorship), the minority Muslims in China and the Muslims in the middle east in general.

Also, nobody talks about the illegal occupation of Palestine by Zionists. Jerusalem has always been the capital of the worlds religions, but God never gave the order to the Jews to create their own State. Israel, this State, is therefore completely illegal. It was founded and created illegallly by the British (Balfour Declaration) and it included the sending of Western militaries which brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of local muslims who lived where there is now the illegal Zionist settlements. It is worthwhile to note that the idea and the plan to create the State Israel originally comes from the German Zionist T. Herzel and from his friend, the last German Emperor.

It appears to me that the new, so called "interim government" of Egypt is somehow illegal and highly brutal, yet - on the other hand - it is doing the right thing. As you can read and see on the right video, the new (illegal) interim Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy clearly states that his army saw no option but to remove the officially elected President Dr. Morsi from office and put him into jail or house arrest.. I mean, a more obvious take over cannot take place anymore. I wonder why the Muslims have not woken up yet that there is a highly educated, powerful force within their society which they have completely underestimated. And maybe there is even a connection to a civilization from another galaxy to them..

This is when Satan and his NATO, USA, BRD, UK, France, UN- and other criminal gangs have their say in this world:
Wenn Satan, wie derzeit, mit seinen Antichristen die Welt regiert und seinen Willen über illegale korrupte und bösartige Organisationen wie die UN und deren Sub-Firmen (USA Corp., BRD Finanzagentur GmbH, London City, etc. etc.) durchsetzt, dann gibt es nur noch Krieg und nochmals Krieg:

Most of the dead and killed people are civilians. All Syrians don't like that other nations interefere into their national issues. They don't want the illegal UN, illegal USA Corp, illegal BRD forces, etc. in their country supporting foreign hired "rebels" and smuggeling them into their home country Syria..

The good thing is: All these criminals and murderers will go to hell. Our great God is making sure that this will happen.
Das Gute ist, dass alle diese Mörderer in die Hölle kommen : )  Gott wird dies regeln, dass dies geschieht..

The longest war in recent human history is Burma and the Rohingya people among other races and a few other places with similar wars, racial killings, troubles and tortures.
Why is nobody talking about this?! Not even at the evil illegal UN, they talk about this much.. Maybe because the UN is illegal, anti-human and evil anyway!!!?!...


Generally important notes:

Vegetarism: Most, if not all human as well as human-like races in the entire universe/cosmos (were and still) are concipated as vegetarians.

However, a few species were potentially designed to eat meat by the Creator. But they are not from this planet, since this planet was concipated as a vegetarian paradise planet (see Book of Genesis, holy Bible).
The coexistence of both on this planet makes the entire situation very complex these days.

In the Garden of Eden (Genesis, Bible), all local animals were vegetarians (maybe except the invading "snake"). Lions, tigers, etc. would never have come onto the idea to eat a deer or an antilope or any other animal. This craziness started when other species from other galaxies came here and interfered in the peaceful project of God and destroyed everything. 

Fallen angels (who have not converted to God as of this moment): We, or at least I have been attacked quite severely by them here on this planet, but they were not able to take over. They have corrupted so many humans and entire nations. Many of them do live here among us, many in high places.. Their destruction can be seen and felt by basically all of us every day. When you feel this destruction and great pain in your soul or stomach, you feel the same pain like I feel in my very soul. You are connected to me directly and therefore you feel the same pain like I do.

I am not too good speaking on the British royal family - among other royal families. Through Prince Philipp they are Greek and they are the descendents of the spartans, the troyans, some pharaoh dynasties and some other fallen angels. All good and bad are definitively checking this website regularly and I cannot do anything about it. But I do have the knowledge and I am spreading it as much as I can. The world needs to know this. As everybody can see right now in Greece, the Greek have no substance anymore and never really had. All the good Greek have already left Greece, got killed, imprisoned, have been or are being tortured.. The Greek rulership leaves nothing but a great lake of corruption and destruction behind them - wherever they go and whatever they do.
And Prince William, I apologise to be so direct, he would have become the Antichrist - had God not interfered. This is clearly also reconfirmed by Dr. Joye (click here for further info on Dr. Joye) and many others. There are serious concerns from my side that he is the right successor to the throne! I am definitively rejecting this. I hope the universe will stand behind me.  This "prince" is a warrior and soldier and not a man of peace - as is their entire gigantic family.

PLEASE also note that quiete many members of the British (as well as of other) "royal" family are VAMPIRES.

* Side note: These so called royals are not royal whatsovever. I am royal, the true line of king David was royal, but they are not royal at all. They are not even related to them, but just pretending and lying. They are just mere murderers, infiltrators, liers and stealers, if you look back at each of their family histories. And if you are incapable of comprehending this, then just look at what these so called royals do these days for you and for humanity. Nothing but parasiting, taking from others and ruling over our heads.
Here is an excellent video reportage summary and link on that topic.

Vampires get generally born via emperor's cut (C-cut) and the doctors have to cut and open the belly of the pregnant mother. This is contrary to standard way of giving birth as human beings were originally concipated! 

VAMPIRES have a long tradition and history on earth. Prince Dracula was one prominent member. The Austrian Habsburg-Schwarzenburg/Schwarzenberg family has long and openly been claiming that they are the first vampires on earth. But this is not true. I have spoken with a number of vampires and they all confirmed me that their history goes back at least 50 million years ago! Now, don't be afraid: My own history and that of most of us on this planet goes way back billions of years ago. Vampires are a "new" sort of dangerous being that has been ravaging and living off this beautiful planet earth..
Vampires have successfully been trying to gain world control via the Federal Reserve Bank (13 Illuminati vampire families, etc.) as well as via the United Nations, hand in hand with the Vatican [the Vatican is the False Prophet - mentioned in Bible], etc. but they forgot to realize that earth and the universe is a chaos somehow and that they cannot control all and everything.. Nobody can, but they may feel free to continue and learn it the hard way..
I have also already successfully removed some of the vampires from the face of the earth by allowing foreign intervention.. Vampires love to control us (click here, this link is a good read; The control room photo was taken from this link) but they are not too intelligent. And they are also not pretty either. When you observe them for some time you can see and recognize who is a vampire and who is not at their strange appearance, at their strange and secretive/often distanced behaviour, at their need and lust for control and power and at their craziness.. VAMPIRISM is a disease and I am more than happy to offer a cure. A vampire hunter once told me how to cure it..

Vampires and vampire-infected humans (e.g. blood transfusions in vampire controlled hospitals) do generally develop slightly bigger and sharper teeths (tooths/teeth no.3 and/or 4 if you count from the front of your mouth, both on the top as well as on the bottom side).. Many are not even aware of who they are, but their hunger for meat (beef, and/or human meat and blood) exists and grows over time..

The vampire agenda is cool and interesting to a certain degree, since it is so exotic, strange and tempting. I also love power. One of my most favorite animation movie is the Japanese version of "Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust" (you can watch it on youtube...). But at the same time Vampires are so devastating, dangerous and enslaving that I cannot support it.. You may decide for yourself..

It feels that I have been attacked and overgone by the entire German political and economic system as well as by it's news channels and even worse: also by the German royalty, headed by such houses as the Hohenzollern, Prussian, etc.. The move of our neutral capital of Bonn (as it was chosen wisely by the Allies in 1945 after the war) to Hohenzollern-Prussia Berlin has been for me one of the proofs that they are somehow back in power and that everything has been "orchestrated" from behind the scenes. Yet, I do believe that the Allies had good intentions in 1945 when they chose neutral Bonn as the new neutral capital for Germany.
I feel overgone, in fact this capitalist and banking empire (probably serving as the backbone of the empire of the royals) that we have here in Germany has pushed me and all similar simple people away as if we are not the essence and the true heart of Germany. No police, nor anybody else ever came to help. People feel helpless and at the end (both here and abroad), so they sometimes commit suicide. It is the direct result of this complex situation. It is a perfect conspiracy so to speak. Few understand the situation. The neglection by those with money and power has paid off. It feels like those in power use the ignorant media, the atheists, the communists (in China - they are back in power, yet there was hope from my side that China would normalize and become a true free nation), the homosexuals and all other antichrist forces in the whole world in order to make me (and all people with similar views like myself) feel sad and bad every day. It is this capitalistic system and the royalty which has caused so much damage.
I actually even have the remembrance that the whole system has tried to attack and destroy God directly. The pain in my soul that I can sometimes still feel is the remainder for myself that I am still surrounded by dangerous people. The attack onto me has happened many years ago and I have remained "imprisoned" for many years. Imprisoned in a war of information and personal networks that count and that I did not have.. I doubt whether a normal human being would have survived what has happened to me.
Even worse, this evil system has been actively killing millions of Muslims abroad as described below. Furthermore, it seems that there has been little interest by it in Africans who die of starvation, of HIV/AIDS and other illnesses every day, that minorities get tortured and suppressed in Asia daily, that people suffer in South America, etc. So many people are sad about this poor state of the world, yet we are somehow overgone by the media and press.

True royalty that we had in the early middle ages, which were serving humanity, this is what the royals of today somehow don't understand or don't know. They have a few projects here and there, but overall everything is capitalistic and purely focussed on strengthening the power of their entire family..
Actually, one has to proof via hard work for humanity what one is worth..
I am royal, yet I have been overgone. I am working hard, yet I am overgone. Something is wrong..
We cannot continue like that in this world. I don't like it anymore.. I don't feel home.. Never really have, and probably never will anymore..

28.3.2013: Just this week the Russian opponent of President Putin (Mr. Beresowski..) got murdered in the UK. I would suggest it was again this evil network who killed him.. I am 99.9% sure that it is them (as always before)..

These above royals and their evil system were also behind the murder of Princess Diana. The Muslim father of Dodi Fayad clearly and repeatedly stated that his son as well as princess Diana got murdered by secret forces in the UK. These secret forces are so secret that not even the Britsh royal family knows much about them. Imagine if Antichrist prince William would received the crown and would have tried to further steal the world away from God?!

Furthermore, can you remember that the nurse in the UK got recenlty murdered who had revealed information about the state of health of the wife of prince William in the hospital. The next day after the murder the british royal family issued a statement that they are very sad about this sudden death. They definitively knew little about the murder, but their secret service is so secret and effective that they don't even have to worry about anything..

Nevertheless, thanks God we have a powerful God that can only laugh about such things! Their names are not part of the Book of Life.

International politics:

The UK and France are now (2012/early 2013) arming the rebels in Syria. Always making problems.. Always lying, killing and stealing.  Lebanon, Iraq, Lybia and now Syria, etc. Always the same story..  It is nothing but a criminal network and this goes through and directly to the top of the UK..  And Pres. Obama - he is also part of this criminal network..
The President of Syria, His Excellency Baschar Al Assad, he is the righteously elected Syrian President. At least, this is what we are being told. I am not sure anymore whether Mr. Al-Assad is good or not. Friends do now daily tell me that he is not good anymore, since he is killing so many civilians and good people (18. August 2013).
On the other hand President Obama definitively cheated the elections (he would have lost, as would have lost the Bush Presidents and probably also Bill Clinton the elections before him. See the excellentt reportages from: Greg Palast (click here).
Furthermore, the entire Britsh royal, feudal and parliamentary system also cheated it's way to power. The entire Westminster system sometimes appears to me as a parasite. As is quite a lot of the French parliamentary system.

Those who create the world hunger are those who are behind all the wars:

The victims that suffer while many in the western world have a good life..

Daily reality in America..

Daily reality worldwide..

The victims..

The true criminals and invaders (US, ISAF, Nato, UK-, French- and BRD-Germany forces)

The good guys - here local tribesmen from Afghanistan / Pakistan. These men have enough of American and European invaders. They want to be let alone. It is their country and not ours..

Jesus once summarized everything in the following words 2000 years ago: What counts most is love for God and for humanity.

Humanity should work together to make this world a happier and healthier planet again, but without the unfair, undemocratic UN which is entirely capitalist-controlled and unhumane. We all should make it a standard customs to help the poor, starving and suffering people, no matter from where they are.

These families in Afghanistan / Pakistan have nothing but faith and a few guns to defend themselves. Yet USA, NATO, ISAF,etc. are invading them and killing them as if they are not humans...

Let me add the following: Pres. Obama, as well as the entire American Bush clan and most of the previous US Presidents are all related to these royals.

The incredible coup of all is that even I myself am part of their family network unfortunately. They claim to be the descendants of Jesus Christ who had children with Mary Magdalene in France 2000 years ago. And this is probably true..  But they are just the total opposite of the way I am.. They are afraid and distant to the world whereas I, Christian Alber, I LOVE AND I AM THE WORLD. They are the metal bullet in my stomach that went through my heart many years ago, that pierced me once again, and that has been hurting me ever since. I survived and am alive.

Open questions with regard to this criminal network:
Who was behind the poisoning and murder of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the hospital in Cuba last week?!? Hogo Chavez was a fighter for freedom and liberty, a good person. Now they, via the CIA also killed him (like so many millions of other already killed good people).. Click here to see that I am not the only one but the Russian journalists know this as well. Anonter good source of information is the independent journalist Greg Palast (click here). Hugo Chavez had already been attacked by the Bush regime via CIA but he survived this in the last minute since he was aware of the secret invastion of US secret forces into his presidential palast and was able to hit back successfully. The world needs to wake up and see who are the criminals here.. 

Obama and his government have released the "Endgame" report. Read it yourself on the US Gov website to understand what they were trying to do with you!

September 11 (9/11)

Evil US Corp. "President" Obama has been making sure that no proper investigation did take place into what happened in reality on 9/11. The American nation had put forward at least two investigations into 9/11 but all were blocked by President Obama before the people and the investigation teams (civil engineers, university professors, and many other groups) were even able to present the truth to the public!


The 9/11- truth:
Everything was a hologram, combined with a controlled demolition. A hologram as one might know it from StarTrek Enterprise. It is yet to be researched, which alien group gave the technology to the US-Zionist conspirators. And to sell this so called "terrorism story" throughout the world, those in power fabricated a perfect photo-montage. No airplanes ever crashed into the towers. But many national government TV news programs showed this American-Israeli-made photomontage making the world citizens believe that it was a muslim terrorist attack. Which it was not. Good Osama bin Laden said the truth, and you can still watch it on youtube. Several times before his death (Please visit the following Russian website regarding the death of Osama bin Laden) he repeatedly stated in public interviews that neither he, nor the Taliban or any other Muslim group were behind 9/11 and that it was a US inside job. The Bush government, in particularly Dick Cheney, was behind it, together with Silverstein, and together with an alien group that I have yet to fully identify. The mayor of New York (Rudy Guliani) knew about everything in advance, too. There is (or at least there was) a youtube video where he could be seen live on camera looking out of a nearby tower and watching the twin towers collapse. Besides, the destruction of building 7 is also relevant, where major government agencies had their (head)quarters and all their data on file. This is now destroyed and various US government personnel among others are responsible for betrayal at their own people. Actually, it was a betrayal and cheating of the whole free world!

And as of this moment (12.3.2013) Israel and USA are currently working again on plans to attack peaceful Iran. Wake up to realize who are the true criminals!

Given the recent explosion in Bosten we are being "brought back" by the evil US government and it's global network of conspirators against God to the age of "terror". I doubt that the "official story" has anything to do with the truth. Money controls the media and if you have enough of it then you can basically fabricate and write any story you want and sell it to the broad public..

The best, in fact, is that the US, Israeli and German governments themselves (among others) do consist of alien-human creatures who do not work in the best interest of mankind. They look like us, probably grew up on earth, but their genetics and their soul is (potentially) artificial and not from here. Many website such as this one are all showing us the truth and most still don't believe it :

The most important is that these alien-human beings that have become parts of "our" governments have been using secret weapons against us.
Their most evil and strategic weapon is the magnetic wave technology with which they have been creating and placing earthquakes here and there. We should actually call the last 50 years the earthquake age. Just last week another 2 evil earthquakes that were targeted at China (hundreds if not thousands of deaths) as well as Iran.. The media is absolutely not reporting on that. But if a "terrorist" apparently attacks and kills a few dozen people then all the major media channels are focussing on that, as if it was the greatest tragedy on earth..
Well, by hiding such information and by letting the media lead us into the wrong direction the governments are clearly showing us that we, the average population, are not their true friends but their enem** ..

--> At their fruits that they sow and grow you can see who they are and how they feel and think about us!!!!

“鸟烟道”(H7N9,等等),以及“猪烟道”是很可能不是地球起 源。如果它没有建立在一个敌对的英国,美国,欧洲大陆的实验室,然后落实到位,在战争与您的外星种族。
尽管犹太复国主义Isreali政府是邪恶的,我怀疑它是否来自他们。以色列犹太复国主义是危险的,例如最近的福岛核电厂爆炸背后( - >一个隐藏的,微小的以色列核炸弹已被出售在日本的安全摄像头到的Japanase年以前,并随即引爆,而在同一时间使用人为制造地震,使 它看起来 像一个desaster)。但是,这是我的信念,这是不是他们。幸运的是,日本政府知道真相,这是他们为什么重新启动所有其他核电厂再次。

"鳥の煙"(H7N9など)だけでなく、 "豚煙は"地球の起源の可能性が非常に高いではありません。それは敵対的な、ブリティッシュ·アメリカン、または欧州本土実験室で 作成され ていない場合、それはあなたとの戦争状態にある外国人のレースによって所定の位置に置かれた。
シオニストIsrealiの政府が同様に悪であるが、私はそれが彼らから来ているかどうかを疑う。イスラエルのシオニストが危険である、彼らは最近の福島 原子力発電所の爆発の背後にある例のためだった( - >隠し、小さなイスラエルの核爆弾がJapanase年前に日本の防犯カメラ内で販売されていたと同時に使用しながら、その後爆発した人工 的に作成 された地震は、それが)どんな障害のように見えるように。しかし、それは彼らではなかったというのが私の信念です。幸いなことに日本政府は、彼らが再び他 のすべての原子力発電所を再活性化している理由です真実を知っている。

ایشیائی اور چینی کا پیغام:
"پرندوں flue" (H7N9، وغیرہ) کے ساتھ ساتھ "سوائن flue" زمین نژاد بہت امکان نہیں ہے. اگر یہ ایک دشمن برطانیہ، امریکہ، یا سرزمین کے یورپی تجربہ گاہیں میں پیدا نہیں کیا گیا تھا، تو اس اجنبی ریس کے کی طرف سے ہے جو آپ کے ساتھ جنگ میں ہیں جگہ میں ڈال دیا گیا تھا.
اگرچہ حکومتوں صیہونی Isreali برے ہوتے ہیں کے ساتھ ساتھ، مجھے شک ہے کہ چاہے وہ ان کی طرف سے آتا ہے. اسرائیلی صیہونی خطرناک ہیں، انہوں نے مثال کے طور پر حال ہی میں فوکوشیما ایٹمی بجلی گھر کے دھماکے کے پیچھے تھے (-> ایک چھپی ہوئی، چھوٹے اسرائیلی جوہری بم گیا تھا ایک جاپانی سیکورٹی کیمرے کے اندر اندر Japanase سال پہلے فروخت کیا گیا تھا اور پھر جبکہ ایک ہی وقت میں استعمال کرتے ہوئے دھماکہ ایک مصنوعی طور پر پیدا زلزلے کے یہ desaster کی طرح دیکھیں). لیکن یہ میرا یقین ہے کہ یہ انہیں نہیں تھا ہے. خوش قسمتی سے جاپانی حکومت سچ ہے، کہ وجہ سے وہ دیگر تمام جوہری پاور پلانٹس کو دوبارہ دوبارہ چالو جانتا

Message to the Asians and Chinese: The "bird flue" (H7N9, etc.), as well as "swine flue" is very likely not of earth origin. If it was not created in a hostile British, American, or mainland European laboratory, then it was put in place by alien races that are at war with you. Although the Zionist-Isreali governments are evil as well, I doubt whether it comes from them. Israeli Zionists are dangerous, they were for example behind the recent Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion (->a hidden, tiny Israeli nuclear bomb had been sold within a Japanese security camera to the Japanase years ago and was then detonated while at the same time using an artificially created earthquake to make it look like a desaster). But it is my belief that it was not them. Fortunately the Japanese government knows the truth, that's why they have re-activated all other nuclear power plants again.

Mainstream medicine & science:
The whole planet earth is now obsessed by it and crazy.. Faith and trust in God and/or in Jesus Christ would be the right or the better path.  Besides, most medicine and science is twisted and not correct. Most history books are falsified, much of the scientific literature is falsified and not correct. Particularly this western world is full of lies and conspiracies.

Evolution never really took place within the entire history / existance of everything.. The universe is full of human- and human-like species. Most of them are at peace with their Creator and/ or are currently searching for Him.. Never has there ever been an evolutionary development from a non-thinking organism towards a much more complex species.. The alledged link between the ape and the human is a total rubbish and exists only in the form that genetical work has been done by higher developed species..

Weaponization and control of space and land:
Bad idea. Most species from outer space come here to us to make new friends these days. Imagine how it would be if you fly over her to planet earth and realize that an armada of rockets and security mechnisms are targeted at you.. Most races are searching Jesus / God and they should be most welcome on this planet. They would be sharing technology and information, if the world's governments would approach them without weapons and diplomats, but rather in a way that Jesus of old would have approached them.

The Plejaren from the DAL-universe

The Plejaren from the DAL-universe are one of the few "outer-space" races that are still not true friends with us unfortunately. They have a problem with all religions and most customs on our planet earth. Therefore they continually reject to give us superior technology and help. They are all atheists and don't believe in a God at all. Maybe they even hate God, but I am not sure.. They have a life span of approx. 1000 years.. I got this confirmed by one of their spokesmen from earth at their Semjase Silverstar Center in Switzerland.
According to my information, the Plejaren have no chance or no interest to turn against other outer-space humanoid and non-humanoid-races. There is a secret war and the Plejaren are very careful. The Plejaren do only control smaller parts of the universe. The Plejaren are, by the way, related to the Nordic races on planet earth.. Bigger coalitions in space are not much interested in Plejaren activities. For them this is all peanuts..

Andromedans are, on the other hand, very much interested in helping us. They have been interefering on many occasions in order to help humanity..

Draconians are populating and patrolling the entire cosmos. I have welcomed them but they are not interested in coming here. For them we are too unimportant on this outpost called planet earth.. They prefer bigger planets and constellations with much more habitable environments.

The more superior the outerspace race, the less contact we will ever have with them unfortunately.. 

More information is spread througout the internet. It is happening too much in the universe and it is impossible to stay updated..

Our ongoing imprisonment in the industrial and plastics age has led us to great destruction:

Twisted history of the origin of man
I wonder why most schools, universities and museums worldwide are constantly teaching lies and rubbish: First of all, nobody is really teaching where the Garden of Eden was. And I am not telling you, since you will probably not believe me anyway..
Secondly, even the excellent indices that we have regarding pre-stone ange civilizations (as well as dinosaurs, animals, etc.) get misinterpreted by the "official scientists". Maybe they are too naiv and blind. And I am tired too continually repeat the truth now once again. But just as a small suggestion: Could it not be that older civilizations that lived way before the flood (e.g. 500.000 years ago) had partly bigger skulls did not die out but that they were killed and exterminated because they had stronger brain capacity.. ! Think about it..
And please also note that the origin of man is not of this planet and not of Africa. All lies and rubbish, and that has no scientific basis whatsoever anyway. But if the schools and universities around the globe continue with "their conspiracy" and "lies", then I will continue to withhold the truth..

The temple of God
(see Book of Jesaia, Bible) - the Pyramids of Gizah. They are deactivated and should be activated again. Various literature has clearly repeatedly stated that they are actually a high-tech mechanism that can protect us on earth. They are not just a monument built by the ancient pharaohs for their dead bodies, etc. This is all not the truth.. In fact, the Egyptians did not build these pyramids at all but the people who lived there many tens of thousand years before..

Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser: (His website here) The punishment of not listening to God (and through Him to Jesus), or not following the 10 Commandments is death. This applies to all species throughout the universe. Max. life span of a human being on earth right now is 80-110 years. Thereafter or even way before that time: death.
Since we have been sabotaged on a great level by evil fallen people here on earth, we are stuck and many good people suffer and die all the time. We cannot freely reach the state that God wants us to reach. The evil network that I have listed up above is certainly behind this and happy about our situation. We do therefore have to find ways around them. Please help. Thank you!

Last but not least: You are very very likely not going to heaven in the way you are right now. Please take this as a kind warning. At least after you have read this website you have heard about God, about Jesus Christ, about other biblical figures or you might even remember the Indian Prince Siddharta, who then became the famous Buddha.
You would then understand that wealth and career is one thing, but happiness (including the happiness of those around you) as well as the elimination of poverty on this planet another issue. Another issue that is even more important or equal to your very family and marriage. I am very angry with the situation here as well as abroad. You might want to understand me..
If you think that you are ready for heaven, while half the planet is enjoying life while the other half is suffering, dying and/or fighting, then you are pretty mistaken that you will go to heaven so quickly. Once you realize this, you understand that your next chapter in life is about to start..  And this is to become yourself a disciple of Christ or a "buddha" to start with.. It is hard; true, particularly given the wealth and relatively good technological level that we all have been used to.. We have to turn one gear down again, or better say make one step "upwards" in our thinking and open our hearts.. 

Peace be with you! / Alaykum salam !


Kontakt: alber.christian@gmail.com,